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On October 30  2019, the Visegrad coetus Association participated in the debate around the report of prof. Bogdan Góralczyk "The Visegrad Group and the European Union. European policy in the programs of the main political parties in the Visegrad Group".  The discussion touched  on the problems of the internal split into liberal and anti-liberal forces, Euro-enthusiasts and Eurosceptics in individual
  We present a monograph dedicated to current aspects of the development of infrastructure sectors, issued as part of the series 'Publications of the European Financial Congress'. The study contains the results of research on current trends, perspectives and barriers to the development of electromobility, which were carried out by a team from the newly created Department of Research on Infrastructure
REPORT 11th European Economic Congress 13th -15th May 2019 The 11th European Economic Congress opened with the inaugural session entitled ‘New Union – young Union: European social challenges and the healthy economy’ in which participated:  Iveta Radičová – the prime minister of Slovakia in years 2010-2012, Jadwiga Emilewicz – the Minister of Entrepenuership and Technology, Luca Jahier – the president