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19 1600 1462 1828 2254 4000 0001

General Board

Visegrad coetus Association

Chairman of the Board

Radmila Roszkowska

Memeber of the Board

Miloslava Ożdżeńska

Member of the Board

Marek Roszkowski


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Visegrad coetus can offer:

Advisory services

Project collaboration

Lecturers and seminars organisation

Organisation of concerts and happenings inspired by cultural heritage

of Visegrad Group countries

Visegrad coetus Association is a newly formed association on the initiative of Radmila Roszkowska. It is a non-profit organization, which introduce an innovative program of bringing together citizens and enthusiasts of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries - Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic (Czechia) and Hungary. This program is based on collecting current and reliable information from the V4 area, undertaking historical, political and economic analyzes, as well as creating a database of information necessary for students interested in expanding their experience and knowledge in V4! The most important goal of Visegrad coetus is to organize meetings, lectures and concerts inspired by the Visegrad Group countries.

We warmly encourage you to take an unforgettable European-Visegrad adventure with us!