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08 October 2019
  We present a monograph dedicated to current aspects of the development of infrastructure sectors, issued as part of the series 'Publications of the European Financial Congress'. The study contains the results of research on current trends, perspectives and barriers to the development of electromobility, which were carried out by a
01 October 2019
CONGRATULATIONS! In the competition "Kierunek Visegrad" organized by the Visegrad coetus Association won: I PRIZE (participation in the 18th Visegrad Summer School Rethink Past & Design Future) 1. Adrianna Janas 2. Fabian Kądziela   II PRIZE (publication of the article) 1. Ewa Druzgalska 2. Piotr Laskowski
01 October 2019
The VISEGRAD CONCERT took place in Royal Baths Park [Łazienki Królewskie] in Warsaw on 20th of July 2019 at 1 pm. In the program: Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák Vittorio Monti, Ferenc Liszt and Aleksandra Chmielewska. Artists: Marek Roszkowski – the 1st oboist of Polish Royal Opera and Płock Symphonic Orchestra
01 October 2019
REPORT 11th European Economic Congress 13th -15th May 2019 The 11th European Economic Congress opened with the inaugural session entitled ‘New Union – young Union: European social challenges and the healthy economy’ in which participated:  Iveta Radičová – the prime minister of Slovakia in years 2010-2012, Jadwiga Emilewicz – the
01 October 2019
Thanks to the kindness of PhD Jana Pieriegud, SGH professor, we are presenting the report entitled ‘Analysis of the potential of the development of rail container market in Poland’ prepared for the needs of the European Commission. Reliable analysis concerns not only Poland-EU-Asia rail connections (mainly China), but also presents
01 October 2019
Middle Europe in the 16th century symbolizes the battle for the thrones of Czech and Hungary kingdoms between Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor [Ferdinand I Habsburg] and John Zápolya.  Many battles were lost, including Mohács [Mochacz] battle in 1526, where the Ottoman Empire army defeated the Hungarian Army led by

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